Industrial tanks
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Individual planning and construction


Quality and expertise since 1995

The ELBER Ltd. has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel tanks for many countries around the world.

Success stories

"ÉLBER Ltd. regularly took part in these discussions and promoted the solution of technological challenges with constructive suggestions."
In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the fermentation and maturation tanks can be heated, cooled and remotely controlled.
The tank farm has been providing reliable quality for decades


We would like to express the fact that we have been able to realize many international projects with the high-quality work of the Elber company through our many years of cooperation. Our business partner is characterized by reliability and the highest level of quality. We look forward to many more years of cooperation.

ÉLBER Kft has a highly professional approach to cooperating and treating their customers well and fairly. I can see the ability to always talk to the technical department or management along the project, to get a good result in the end. As a manufacturer of tanks for the Food and Pharmaceuticals industry, it is important that the work is performed competently and seriously. Welding quality and inspection, in addition the documentation is right, this does ÉLBER Kft take care of. We have been working together for the last 25 years with good results and I hope that it will continue in the same spirit.

Gustav Ocsko ( Tego Process AB )

The Elber company has supplied the tanks and containers for numerous of our projects in Switzerland. Elber has always been a reliable partner for achieving often ambitious project goals.

For our customer projects, the Elber company has been a reliable supplier for years. We appreciate the exceptionally good quality and the reliability in order processing.

Lukas Staedler ( CEO | Kalt Maschinenbau AG )

Our cooperation with ÉLBER GmbH goes back almost 10 years. When it comes to manufacturing chemical storage and mixing tanks of various sizes, we can always count on their expertise, thoroughness and quality work. A reliable and well-prepared partner for our construction tasks to the satisfaction of our customers. For us ÉLBER Ltd. is a strategic partner for the future - based on their professional experience and their commitment to high-quality production.

György Kiss ( Ferrineb Kft. )

We have been working with Élber Ltd for more than 20 years. We chose the company because of the quality of the work they produce and it continues to this day. In addition to the quality of their products, their work is characterised by purposeful planning and precise execution. Their tanks have convinced not only us but also our French colleagues that the quality of their work is worth the possibly higher price.

Győző Schmidt ( Danubiana Kft. )

The Élber Kft. technológiai megújítása és termelékenységének a növelése

Támogatás összege: 40.163.322 Ft
Támogatás mértéke: 70 %
Projekt tényleges befejezés: 2021. december 31.


ÉLBER Élelmiszeripari Berendezés Készítő Kft. folyamatosan törekszik a vállalkozás eszközparkjának a fejlesztésére, bővítésére. Ezen célkitűzés újabb lépcsőfoka jelen fejlesztési beruházás. A projekt többek között az alábbi eszközök kerülnek beszerzésre: forgó daru, hegesztőgépek, kompresszor, csősziszoló, fúrógép, füstgáz elszívó gép, guruló állvány.
Az eszközök a gyártási kapacitását bővítik, továbbá gyorsabb, egyszerűbb és hatékonyabb munkavégzést eredményeznek.