Design, Production, Installation


Most of the equipment manufactured by us is based on special plans which we harmonize in every case with our customers.

For the planning of equipment we use modern planning software, with which we make strength calculations and technical 2D u. 3D drawings.

During the planning we take into account the external cause to the container, check the wind and earthquake load.

Manufacturing in the workshop

At our workshop we have

  • 3 automatic circular seam welders
  • 3 automatic line welders
  • edge bender
  • plate roller
  • rimmer
  • rounder
  • disc scissors
  • steel bending machine
  • turning lathe machines

We are constantly expanding our fleet.

We manufacture tanks up to the following mentioned sizes, also limited by the possibility of land transport:

Maximum height (Standing) Or Length (Lying)
Maximum diameter
Maximum volume

On-site production

If the parameters of the equipment do not allow for production at the Kuntszentmiklós site, or if delivery is not possible, it is possible to manufacture off-site.

Assembly on-site

We also carry out the installation of our tanks as required, for which we have the appropriate tools.


In general, the customer arrange the transport of the product. If the Elber Ltd. organizes the delivery, we are in connection with domestic and international freight forwarders, who transport the manufactured equipment safely and flexibly to your destination.

The loading of normal and oversized cargoes we handle with great experience. To any point of the earth for ocean freights we provide corresponding packing (heat-treated wedges, boxes, belts and protective or shrink film) and the necessary documentation.

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