In addition to pursuit of producing its own products to a high standard, the Kreinbacher Winery undertakes a complex spectrum of activities and plays a key role in shaping Somló's landscape and revitalising the mountain. With tremendous work, the retaining wall system of the entire mountain was rebuilt and a characteristic vineyard was formed out of the worn, dilapidated landscape. The winery, sparkling wine and tourism centre designed by Dezső Ekler not only integrates into the landscape, but also enriches it with new values.

Of course, the high standard is only believable if all of its elements are subordinate to the goal of representing the end product at the highest level. The Kreinbacher winery not only strives for the highest standards on the outside, but also characterises every detail of the building complex, from the equipment in the bistro kitchen to the furnishings in the hotel rooms and self-evident to the wine technology.

Their work is supported by a Champagne cellar master who visits the winery monthly. On his advice were bought two traditional Coquard presses from France and sourced casks from Austria to make the champagne more sophisticated. Fortunately, they no longer had to go abroad to equip their winery with the highest quality fermentation tanks, because with ÉLBER Ltd. exists such a company in their own country, where these world-class products are manufactured.

We are used to the fact that the fermentation and storage tanks are usually lined up in military order on both sides of the cellar. Here, however, the situation is quite different. The interior design of the wine cellar is reminiscent of a lava flow that flows at the foot of a mountain, as if we were in a volcanic vent. This design world, which revives geological forces, also dominates in the zigzag-shaped, wildly romantic interior of the cellar, which is really brought to life by the glittering surface of the ÉLBER tanks set up in a semicircle.

These fermentation tanks made of stainless steel in different volumes are not only very eye-catching, they can be heated, cooled and also remotely controlled. The two largest of these are a 417 hl and a 517 hl giant tank. They occupy two floors as they are 8.5 meters high and 2.7, respectively 3 meters wide. They reach from the basement through the floor to the ceiling of the ground floor and they were lifted in place with cranes before the floor was finished. In fact, the building was "built over the tanks". In comparison, the setting up of the other tanks was still routine. The fermentation and storage tanks can be found in all sophisticated wineries, but perhaps nowhere else can be experienced the high degree of harmony, dialogue and complementary form of the tanks and their surroundings as in the labyrinth of the winery Kreinbacher.

At winery Kreinbacher, everyone knows that no matter how carefully you pay attention to the quality of the grapes, no matter how professionally the must is treated, if there is a problem with the storage tanks or barrels, a whole year's work can be lost. The tanks from ÉLBER Ltd. meet the expectations right from the start and contribute to the success of the Kreinbacher estate.

Reference: Bor és Piac magazin (Magazine Wine and Market) | 2015/3–4. szám